The Cafe Style Motorcycle

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In recent years, the cafe racer motorcycle has become all the rage.  It began in britain racing from cafe to cafe trying to “do the ton”.  What this affectionately means is to hit 100.  Now, in today’s standards that doesn’t seem like much but back in the day 100 on a small japanese motorcycle was serious speed.  Not too mention, riding through city streets!


These days, people are more into it for the craft, enjoyment and aesthetics.  Motorcycles have obviously gained in speed since then and hitting 100 isn’t difficult any longer.  For the purists this is still a worth pursuit.  What does the future hold for this scene?  We’re not sure but we imagine it’ll be around for awhile.  Make sure you do the proper research and find the right style gear for the event your attending.

Top Motorcycle Leather Jackets

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A great motorcycle leather jacket will give you a feeling of satisfaction every time you are riding. A good motorcycle jacket not only makes you look good; it will also protect you from inclement weather. There is wide variety of leather jackets in the market today. However, not all of them are up to par. That is why if you are looking for the best, you should focus only on the top motorcycle leather jackets. There are a few simple things that you should keep in mind when you want to find the best motorcycle leather jacket. These things include;

Fit and style

Motorcycle Jacket Motorcycle jackets come in many styles. You should keep in mind the style of jacket you want before you start shopping around. A good leather jacket for riding should be a perfect fit to your body. There are some jacket designs with belts. Whatever your choice in terms of style, you have to ensure that you are choosing a jacket that fits you in the best way possible. A well-fitting jacket will make you look good. It will also make you feel comfortable when riding.

Authentic Vs faux leather

Authentic leather jackets are those that are made from genuine leather. Faux leather jackets are made from materials like polyurethane. These jackets are significantly cheaper than genuine leather jackets. They are shinier and it’s easier to take care of them. Faux leather jackets look good and are a great alternative when you don’t have enough money to buy a genuine leather jacket.

Level of protection

One of the reasons why many people buy motorcycle leather jackets is protection. If you are more concerned with protection than fashion, there are a couple of factors that you should consider when doing your shopping. Genuine leather will offer you adequate protection. Faux leather on the other hand will only protect you adequately if it has been used with nylon. Also, if you want to get the best protection from your motorcycle jacket, you have to find a perfect fit.

Reflective materials

Your jacket must have reflective materials if you want other people to see you when you are riding on a dark road. This does not mean that you should look for a jacket that is covered by reflective materials. It’s enough to have a jacket with reflective strips or with a reflective logo. There are a lot of jackets with well-placed reflective materials. Such jackets will look good as well as keep you visible when you are riding on a dark road.

Liners vents & pockets

Some jackets have liners that have been sewn into the interiors. Others have removable liners. Your choice depends on personal preference. However, most riders prefer top motorcycle leather jackets with removable liners. Vents help to keep you cool when temperature rise in the course of riding. This helps to keep you comfortable. A leather jacket with pocket will help you carry all the important things you need when you are going out. Interior pockets provide a good way to store your cell phone, license and wallet.

Complimentary Motorcycle Gloves, Jeans and Tshirts

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motorcyce pants and jeans

motorcyce pants and jeans

So you’ve got your leathers and you’re ready to ride.  Wait a second, not so fast!  There are some other items you need to keep you safe and compliment your new leather jacket.  Here we go.  The first we’re going to recommend are these amazing kevlar jeans.  These motorcycle jeans are important because in the unfortunate event that you fall they will help protect your legs.  Regular jeans just don’t cut it.  You need the kevlar to keep the pavement from shredding your legs apart.  The next item you will need are these awesome grifter motorcycle gloves.  They will keep your hands warm and protected when riding in the cooler months.  Not only do they deliver on function but they’re stylish too!  And finally, what’s good jacket without a trendy t shirt underneath.  You need to scope out this awesome t shirt of the month club.  Geared towards motorcycle enthusiasts every month you get a new t shirt.  All of your friends, motorcycle lovers or not.. will be jealous.  That I guarantee!

Now you’ve got the whole ensemble covered.  Jeans, jackets, trendy T’s and gloves. Stay tuned for some future posts about other awesome motorcycle gear like helmets!